The Wedding Party

  • Marcus Fink (Best Man, Brother of the Groom)
  • Joe Margres (Co-Best Man, Friend of the Groom)
  • Todd Gorski (Friend of the Groom)
  • Dylan Tanger (Friend of the Groom)
  • Gizmo Rivera (Friend of the Groom)
  • Mark Pisano (Friend of the Groom)
  • Tony Nunes (Friend of the Groom)
  • Jeffrey Gurwood (Brother of the Bride)
  • Jeff Schneider (Friend of the Groom)
  • Scott Israel (Brother In Law of the Groom)
  • Melanie DeRoo (Maid of Honor, Friend of the Bride)
  • Marni Landis (Friend of the Bride)
  • Kendall Champion (Friend of the Bride)
  • Lori O'Toole (Friend of the Bride)
  • Heather Carmen (Friend of the Bride)
  • Edy Israel (Sister of the Groom)


Random Memories of our Bridal Party

Joe - Living together for way too many years, the drunk nights, days and well when weren't we drunk? Pong Champs, your dead car, Room building, house repairs, 2 steps and SURE BRO

Lori - Acting out plays in your basement and videotaping them, our choreographed dances, riding bikes to Eckerds, the ellison years, my oldest friend, love ya!v

Todd - LEON, HOME DEPOT, MR. BLACK...kosh, punches to the back of the head followed by late night ER visits along with Jamaican ER visits.

Heather - Freshman roomie, pledging together. Glad I wrote that note to you first week of school! It's been a great journey since!

Jeff G - Finally, someone who gets movies like I do! Glad we have so much in common and look forward to getting to know you better!

Edy - I have always wanted a sister and couldnt as for a better one!

Scott - Disney, learning to play spanish 21 and craps. I still hate the Phillies, but don't tell Stacey's dad!

Kendall - The girl with the pigtails from the pledge class...My Jersey girl! Too many sorority memories to list! Always a great time with you.

Dylan - 4am wake up calls to bail you pong, 2 steps, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, filming with you.

Marni - Jersey Shore, bringing the best out of each other and Murray Hill.

Mark - your spectacular moustache, University Computing, making fun of Gizmo, Vegas

Gizmo - University Computing, making fun of Mark, I am sofa king we todd did, Flick29, the first wedding!

Tony - lifting, rooming together forever, BATS, Johnnnnnnny

Jeff S - The Vernon Diner (yum!), Sara's house, Caleb, Jay, Vu, NYC Visits, talking production/film, UFC 1!

Melanie - Our Hoboken night, living together all those years, never judging and truly understanding each other.

Marc - He dented it (sorry!), Brandy and Amber, USY, Thank you for always being there for me - none of this would be possible without you!